We need motivation!


With the recommended amount of exercise at 2.5 hours a week for a UK adult and 30% of us admitting we NEVER exercise at all, I decided to explore the new fitness craze that is guaranteed to get you out of bed and to the gym!

Spinning, Insanity, Yoga-lates? We’ve all examined and contradicted the latest fitness frenzies but what we really lack is an entity that combines everything. Something that tones, blasts fat, builds muscle and maintains your motivation for more than 30 seconds (unlike the treadmill).

This new eccentric, and impressive suspension trainer is the original, TRX elite workout system. Taking advantage of your own bodyweight and gravitational force, you work every inch of your body and experience a variety of exercises. You own the machine. You are in complete control of your mind and individual expertise and can challenge yourself to your maximum ability, with fast repetitions for a cardio burst or increase resistance to build strength, muscle and more importantly, motivation.

The TRX trainer delivers a ‘fast, effective total-body workout and is the most versatile piece of exercise gear on the planet’ according to its CEO, Randy Hetrick. Developing TRX as a Navy SEAL as a workout designed to save space and time, it increases muscular endurance and has been extensively utilized by Olympians.

Conventional, customary gym users shouldn’t feel abandoned just yet though as this vast contraption is being installed in fitness suites all over the country. Most recently, a new addition to the De Montfort University QEII Leisure Centre in Leicester, it ‘benefits people of all levels of fitness’ says Russell Bakewell, Fitness Instructor and Personal TRX Trainer at the Centre.

‘It works all parts of the body but most importantly, whatever exercise you endure, increases your core strength and ability to work the abdominals in every way possible.’

The most recent hype among the fitness sphere is incorporating weight into cardio fitness in order to maximise the calories burned. With TRX, performing repetitions of one exercise increases the heart rate while targeting those obscure muscle groups you never knew existed by using gravitational force. ‘You’re engaging in intense cardio exercise without even realising, which totally disguises the fact you’re striving to burn calories’ highlights Russell.

This versatile technology reassures anyone to enjoy exercise with a variety of routines, set to either build muscle or create a leaner frame by toning the areas we struggle to target the most.

Women can increase their upper body strength ‘without having to worry about gaining bulging arm muscles as it’s all about sustaining the exercise by using your own bodyweight’ he says.

Not only does TRX encourage motivation, Russell argues that the machine is ‘great for someone with an injury as the suspension ropes are there for support’.

‘Something like controlled squats would be brilliant for someone recovering from a knee injury as it makes sure their weight is evenly distributed, while never placing the weight past the knees.’

With the cold winter months gradually suffocate the Brits, allowing us to blame our poor exercise effort on lethargy, TRX encourages us to get fit before that ‘new year, new you’ resolution. ‘You can finally stop watching the clock or mileage increase and focus your mind on performing the exercise effortlessly’ says Russell.

photos taken from: www.batonrougekravmaga.comwww.trainsmartbuffalo.comwww.sofeminine.co.uk


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