Even students can make Christmas the most wonderful time of year…

Okay so it takes almost 2 hours but it’s totally worth it and so yummy you can’t possibly say no! If I can make it for a bunch of second year students that haven’t eaten properly for months then anyone can take this on for their family Christmas dinner this year! Come on, have faith! 🙂


Bag of potatoes
Some type of meat (we used a pork joint)
Stuffing mix
Aunt Bessy’s Yorkshires
Pigs in blanket
Veg (of your choice)
Bag of parsnips
Gravy granules

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees in preperation.

Start peeling the potatoes and cut into halves and quarters (I aimed for around 5 each)

Peel the parsnips, attempt to cut into halves length ways or however is possible (it’s tricky).

Boil the potatoes and parsnips until slightly soft through the middle but not turning to fluff.

Drain them and place onto a baking tray. Coat in olive oil and sprinkle some oxo or bisto gravy granules over the top for added flavour.

Put your choice of meat in the oven, chicken is usually an hour or more so putting the potatoes and parsnips in about 15 minutes after should be just right in terms of timing.

In terms of stuffing, add 400ml warm water to the mix and wait to cool down. Then roll into stuffing balls and place on a baking tray. These only take 25-30 mins so put these in 15 minutes after the potatoes.

Grab your pigs in blanket and finding space in the oven, put these in for the same time as the stuffing.

Depending on your veg you should probably start boiling or steaming around 20 minutes before the end is in sight.

After 40 mins of the parsnips being In the oven, remove and drizzle with honey (oh yes honey glazed parsnips) then place back in for a further 5 mins until they are golden and crispy.

Everything should be ready after the hour is up so it’s time to get it all out onto servers and cut the meat – stick a fork into the middle and gradually slice sideways with a sharp knife to pull the meat away from the bone.

Put Aunt Bessy’s Yorkshires into the oven for 4 mins while making the gravy, 3 heaped dessert spoons of bisto should do it, topped with boiled water to whatever thickness you desire.

Set the table with a beautiful glass of wine and a cracker each and you’re good to go!


Oh and because you’re now so exhausted,  treat yourself to a slice of my festive carrot cake for dessert with some hot custard! 🙂


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