Flapjack Sundays :)

With 3 of my house mates hungover and dying for anything with a bit of sugar and fat I thought this morning was a great time for a healthy twist on the ultimate gooey flapjack!

Substituting golden syrup for good old fashioned honey and average oats for wholemeal rolled ones, I created a healthier twist on everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure!


200g lighter than light flora butter
6 dessert spoons of honey
1 dessert spoon of maple syrup (added sweetness optional)
Half a tspn ground cinnamon
330g wholemeal rolled oats

1. Heat the oven to 180 degrees or gas mark 4. Butter the bottom and sides of a rectangle tin such as a brownie or lasagne dish to stop the flapjack sticking.
2. Heat the butter and honey in a saucepan until they have dissolved into each other (for extra gooeyness add more honey).
3. Add to the rolled oats.
4. Add the cinnamon.
5. Mix together to form a thick paste that stays together.
6. Pour the mixture into the tin, spreading evenly then bake for 25 minutes.
7. Leave to cool so the flapjack goes crispy on top.




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