So I’m not a ‘natural’ runner…

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So while I’ve been thinking of something inspiring to write on the subject of being ‘natural’, I realised that it isn’t just in appearance that we judge on our natural ability to perform something.

On my attempt at a 5 mile run this morning, I was lost in my thoughts wondering how simple this would be if I were just a natural at running – that’s when it hit me, we’re always coded as being ‘a natural’ at something or other. In fact it’s a well known phrase. Parents expressing their enthusiasm for a child’s accomplishment is often ‘wow, you’re a natural’ if it’s something that they have never achieved before. Sometimes you even use the expression yourself in a sort of sarcastic manner, boasting about your oh so natural ability.

But why? Why does that child have to be a natural at colouring in between the line? Why does a chef have to be a natural at cooking? And why do I wish I was a natural at running – simply because it wouldn’t be such a chore for my poor body – but that’s beside the point.

To be a natural at something does that mean the particular thing requires no effort whatsoever or simply that you work so hard at it, day in day out, that you therefore become a natural at it.

Asking around, i found that most people regard it as something you’re more intelligent at than other things in life, that comes to you quicker than most, which then ables you to possess the talent a lot faster.

As a blogger, does that mean I’m considered a natural at writing? I’m really not sure that it does. To be quite honest I didn’t even realise I had passion for it until not so long ago and now my whole life and university degree depend on it. I think being a natural derives from something that you tried out one time and enjoyed it so much that you kept persisting at it and eventually got better because let’s face it – practice makes perfect!

Therefore, there’s actually no need to panic if you’re not a natural in the gym or going for a run makes you feel like you want the ground to swallow you up just so you have an excuse not to carry on. You’re going to be the one that finds that strength class incredibly easy because you enjoy seeing how strong you are so push yourself harder. Or that person that bakes 24/7 to see if they can be the grandma that has THE best cookie recipe. Or perhaps the agony aunt that everyone comes to for advice because yours is the only advice they ever want to hear and no one else’s opinion matters.

So what about those who might not have found their natural talent yet? Right this minute, don’t worry if you don’t particularly fit in when everyone else is finding their natural ability and flying off with it in so many directions you can’t even keep up anymore.

Yours will come, keep searching, keep persevering and fight these so called natural human beings!


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