Oh heavenly chicken burger!


So I’m a big fan when it comes to burger and chips! Probably the best pick me up if you’re feeling a little down but not the best for feeling healthy after. An alternative that still tastes heavenly? Yes please! 🙂

1 chicken breast
1 wholemeal bun
BBQ spice
Sweet potatoes
Light Mayonaise
Low fat cheese

If you’re a regular on Natural Yourself you’ll know that I love to semi cook sweet potatoes in the microwave for about 4 minutes before cooking them and crisping them up in the oven. It saves a lot of time and they’re just as fluffy on the inside.
Have a go at this with the sweet potato and once it’s cooled down, cut into wedge shapes or skinny fries and bake in the oven with a little oil until crispy.


Next coat the chicken in oil and gradually roll it around in the BBQ spice so the whole breast becomes flavoursome.
Use a griddle to slowly cook the chicken, turning it over every now and then. I usually cut mine in half length ways so I can ensure the whole inside is cooked through.

The bun. Cut the bun in half and spread with light butter (if you fancy) then with a very ripe avocado, spoon chunks onto the bottom of the bun and try and spread easily. This makes a beautiful base of moisture and flavour!


Next add some spinach and once the chicken breast is done, place on top of the spinach. Coat with grated half fat cheese (of your choice) put some mayo on the top half of the bun and sandwich together!


Add your sweet potato fries and you have an absolutely amazing version of my pub favourite!


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