Cake in a mug?


Okay so it’s not every day that I post really unhealthy munch but this was inspiring so i have to share it! Indulge guys!

1/4 cup flour
2 dessert spoons of granulated sugar
2 tspn baking powder
2 dessert spoons of butter
3 dessert spoons of milk
Golden syrup

Mix all the dry ingredients together and then poke a hole in the middle to pour the milk into. If your butter is soft enough put that in the hole as well – if not melt it and then pour it in. Mix everything together and if the batter is as little stiff, add a dash of water to thin it out.

Pour the batter into a mug so it is filled about half way (it rises a lot!!). Then add your golden syrup to the top as it should sink in – it’s a bit touch and go I shan’t lie!

Put it on high in the microwave for 70 seconds but keep checking in case it overflows.


Keep putting it back in until the mixture has turned into a cake.

Scoop it upside down and put it into a bowl and the syrup SHOULD (might not be though haha) on top of your dessert!


It tastes beautiful and the method is just too fun to pass by!


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