Is this what it takes to be healthy?

So I’ve just been to tesco and spent £23. Yup you’re all going ‘well that’s not much at all’. It is however when all I got was this…


Okay so I’m a student so I begrudge spending money anyway but I NEED to detox – this month has been a stressful one and luckily the mini eggs have always been on offer as it’s coming up to easter! But they’ve taken their toll and I need to get back up there – FAST!

But is this really what it takes? Every ‘detox’ recipe I look at promotes quinoa – not quite sure what it is but it pretty much goes with anything so I thought I’d give it a try! However at £2.50 per 200g i’m not quite feeling it for next week’s shopping list!

Chicken – well that’s a fiver down the drain and everyone wonders why we live on turkey dinosaurs and every day value spaghetti hoops! It does make a good friend to the quinoa though so I’m hoping that for dinner tonight I put to use that £23 with a tantalising tasty detox salad…

More to come guys!


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