The easiest pancakes in the world


New craze alert! I’m addicted to pancakes drizzled with honey, topped with banana and raspberries! If I wake up to a guy with that waiting for me – he’s a keeper!

I’ve always thought they take loads of effort from recipes I’ve tried in the past but these are quick, easy and can actually be made pretty damn healthy with the right mixture.

So give it a practice and wake someone up tomorrow with this delicious recipe!

1 cup of wholemeal flour
1 cup of milk
1 free range egg
Teaspoon of sugar (optional for added sweetness)
1 banana
Handful of raspberries

1. Choose one cup for every ingredient because as long as the cup is the same size everything will be in proportion.
2. Pour all the ingredients in a bowl and mix together until a batter forms. If it looks too thick then add a drizzle of water to thin it out.
3. Using a small non – stick frying pan, add the tiniest amount of oil. Let it heat for a minute and then pour in the mixture so a round shape is formed with the batter.
4. When the top looks brown, it’s time to flip! Gradually shake the pancake to the side of the pan and toss. Note to self – if this doesn’t work grab a knife or spatula, slot it under the pancake and flip it with that instead.
5. Once brown on both sides serve onto a plate. Cut the banana into thin slices, sprinkle with raspberries and honey and there you go!

Tip – for extra added goodness try sprinkling some sunflower seeds over the top to keep your skin glowing!



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