Bbq chicken skewer on a bed of wholemeal rice

Last night cooking dinner last minute for 6 people in my cupboard of a kitchen was not the best I have to admit. Especially when all I fancied was chicken skewers and salad as my appetite has pretty much vanished recently! (Weird I know).

So I set to work on a buffet of chicken goujons, burgers, hot dogs and potato salad for the guests while sidelining my delightful skewers just for myself.

The result, an hour later after catering for all kinds of taste buds (grandad being one of the fussiest), the skewers looked awesome! So I thought I may as well share it with you guys as a tasty yet simple dinner idea that also looks real good!


Ingredients: makes 4 fully loaded skewers
4 chicken breasts
2 peppers
BBQ spice
Wooden skewer sticks
Wholemeal rice
Salad leaves

1. Measure out how much rice is needed and begin to boil in water.
2. Wash the chicken and cut it into square sized chunks that would be manageable on a skewer.
3. Start to fry or griddle the chicken over a medium heat until it turns slightly brown.
4. Pour over BBQ seasoning (Old El Paso is my favourite) and shake the pan/turn over the chicken so it coats evenly.
5. Chop peppers into square pieces and slice some avocado for an added health benefit.
6. Once the chicken and rice is cooked, place the chicken and peppers on the skewers alternatively, lay on the rice and decorate with the avocado.



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