How to eat like a New Yorker!

So my 21st birthday was so incredible that my posts have become rather limited. You’ll have to forgive me as i did travel half way across the world to New York as a present from my mother!

I found it hard to believe when she told me we were going but as it slowly crept around I became more and more excited and the free wine and food on the flight certainly made It feel more real!

New York is stunning, mesmorizing and like no other place you would ever go to (for those of you that haven’t had the time to visit yet). It captured my heart like nothing has before, Rome, Paris, the heat of Orlando – nothing compares! But what makes it even better…the food.

Normally an all inclusive beach holiday consists of soggy salad leaves, uncooked burgers, cold pasta and dried out meats but it’s true what they say, how Americans contain themselves when it comes to food I do not know! You guys have my up most respect!

So It was only natural that I was sucked into the powers of the diners and succumbed to the grilled sandwiches, sweet potato fries and cheesecake!

Breakfast: Grab your own New York bagel!


Okay so it sounds weird but it’s so yummy and adds a little fruit into a delicious breakfast! Toast a New York bagel (tesco is fine), spread with low fat butter, slice some banana and place it on top. For an extra health kick add some pumpkin and sunflower seeds and drizzle honey over the top for sweetness. Awesome!

Lunch: Grilled chicken sandwich


So you don’t need me to tell you how to make a grilled chicken sandwich but I can tell you what’s in it!
1. Chicken, grilled (nah)
2. Pesto
3. Mozerella
4. Spinach

Whack all of this in between 2 slices of granary bread and either grill or stick in a toastie maker and you’re good to go. Oh and you can check my blog for sweet potato fries for an added hint of naughty but nice!

Dessert: Caramel cheesecake


Okay so I’m still working on this one but I wanted to post the picture to you all to impart some inspiration upon you! Go ahead and see if you can make this… I’ve been trying to get a good enough version for almost a month! Good luck 😉


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