In need of a detox?

If like most of us on this planet and you spend the entire summer (despite the awful weather) having indoor bbqs equipped with numerous crates of beer and half a dozen bottles of wine with friends, then you’ll be in need of a deep cleanse just like me!

But why does it have to be so hard? 1 – we have spent all of our money on alcohol and bbq food which means there is nothing left for all those ingredients for a mega smoothie and 2 – who has time to spend their summer doing a ‘cleanse’ when you’ve already declared your beach body to the world in the very first weeks?!

Anyway, I’m now at the stage where due to the dehydration alcohol gives to your skin, mine feels dry, greasy and just plain gross. Therefore I thought i’d make the exhausting effort for all of us and share some of the best fruits for flawless skin!



As a mostly water-based fruit anyway, melon is perfect for rejuvenating your skin back to before it was infected with alcohol. Canteloupe melon especially is the most nutritious, hydrating the skin with its high water content. It includes Vitamins K and E which help to maintain that radiant form while its good source of Vitamin B keeps your skin replenished.



Despite being high in fats, it’s all good so don’t panic! Containing monounsaturated fats, Avocados provide amazing improvements for your skin tone as they maintain good moisture levels making your skin feel elegantly soft and look incredibly healthy. The omega-9 fats also repair damaged skin cells while the Vitamin C keep it firm and fresh for that all around summer glow. If the taste isn’t to your liking on its own, why not combine it with some nachos as part of a guacamole dip? Yummy and skin replenishing – perfect!


Kiwi Fruit

As we’ve established, Vitamin C is essential for beautiful skin and Kiwi does in fact have the highest content. The tasty green middle is packed with glowing skin nutrients that due to the excessive vitamin, repair breakouts and prevent dry skin. Whether you simply ‘scoop’ the kiwi or apply it as a face mask, have a try and see the stunning results.



Think of summer and what do you think of? Strawberries and cream in the garden after a BBQ perhaps? So if strawberries (maybe not the cream) was to create flawless skin AS WELL wouldn’t that just be brilliant? Strawberries encourage perfectly conditioned and toned skin due to its high water content and is full of anti-oxidants to cleanse your body, leaving your skin free from all that gross stuff clogging up your pores. An extra tip? Use a strawberry exfoliator on your feet for baby softness and show them off among the delicate sand.



And I think we have a winner! For a clearer complexion, bromelain (an enzyme) in pineapples prove very effective for those annoying spots. Its anti- inflammatory effect softens the skin, fighting the swelling and redness of those pimples that is desperate to ruin your night out. As well as being low in calories and saturated fats AND high in fibre, pineapple is an all-round detoxer that nourishes your skin and hair too! Personally, I can’t think of anything better! Other than chocolate I guess…


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