Lean mean chicken ceaser

Looking at a good chicken caesar salad on a restaurant menu seems like one of the healthiest options but with the greasy bacon, high fat dressing, cheese and croutons dripping in oil, you probably would have been better going for a light spag bol.

But these things are what makes it yummy! Without them its just a boring chicken salad. However if you start cooking lean and adding some healthier ingredients to the salad, it actually becomes so tasty that you don’t even know they’re missing.

2015-10-09 09.40.16_resized

Mushrooms – Okay so they have a weird texture but the health benefits are endless. Increasing your vitamin D levels, while being low in calories and boosting your immune system make them one of the ideal ingredients to make your caesar taste better and be better for you.

Tomatoes – While tomatoes combat the formation of cells that cause cancer, they are also an excellent source of vitamin C. With the juice that comes from a tomato it seems to make chowing down greens a lot easier. Give it a try.

Avocado – Putting aside the skin benefits and good fats of an avocado, they also have more potassium than a banana and are brilliant for ageing digestion. Use half an avocado in this salad and you won’t even notice it’s there with all the other yummy stuff going on.

Chicken – Coat the chicken in breadcrumbs. Whether they are pre packed from tesco with an added spice or whether you want to make your own, it just makes it a little more interesting when having a chicken salad. Yes its more calories but by oven baking the chicken for 20 minutes, it’s literally nothing in terms of fat.

Bacon – If you buy back bacon, it works out as under 100 calories for 2 grilled slices of bacon. AND if you do it on a George Foreman fat reducing grill then you’re killing even more of the unhealthy stuff. What are you left with? A smoky bacon taste that is absolutely divine.

Cucumber, lettuce & pepper – just the added extras that make a salad. But each not to be mistaken for useless as they all contain multi-vitamins that decrease stress, anti-oxidants and lettuce actually aids weight loss.

Go ahead, mix it all together and trust me you wont even need a dressing 🙂


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