Ever had pizza in Berlin? You Should!


Happening to find the best Pizzeria I have stumbled across in a long time in Berlin was extremely unexpected. Not that I’m criticising the city’s cuisine in any way but I had expected to be indulging in a Bavarian Village sausage (which i did later on) not tucking into a giant pizza!

When I say giant, I mean they didn’t even use plates because it wouldn’t fit on the table let alone the plate! It was huge and at €8 I think it was, I really chose the best thing on the menu.

Every dish that came out did look incredible, even my best friend’s standard bolognese was huge and oozing with smells, flavour and general yumminess but these pizza was something else.

So I invite you to stare at the photos, drool over your computers/tablets/phones whatever you’re using to read this and hopefully at some point in your life you’ll visit L’osteria Pizzeria right next to Zoo Berlin in Zoologischer Garten. You can also have a very unusual glass of wine in a tumbler to accompany you mozzarella, tomato and spinach pizza (strange but we loved it).






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