Let loose in London & have a BURGER


We all do great throughout the entire year, keeping up with our fitness regimes and healthy eating to keep our body cleansed and revitalised but let’s face it sometimes it gets a tad dull and we are in need to let loose!

We deserve a rest and what better place to do it than London. I know it can be expensive but I’ve been searching for the best restaurants to let yourself live a little without making your pocket sweat that you’re gonna make a grab for that new savings card! I am a student after all – bargaining is what i’m great at 😉

This cute little restaurant in Covent Garden is called Belushi’s and me and my boyfriend stumbled on after working one evening in the city. HAPPY HOUR! Oh yeah, we were in luck! 5 bottles of Sol beer for £10 and dinner for around £10 each? The night was looking promising!

I went for a grilled chicken burger and upgraded to wedges for an extra £1 and it was exactly what I needed after a long day. My boyfriend also convinced me to get a starter of breaded chicken goujons which was one of the best things he’s ever came out with… Just take a look and you’ll be there dining tomorrow in the 5-9 happy hour!






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