The LA Diet – No Chance!

LA is famous for its beautiful girls and beautiful fad diets that make the beautiful girls. I was determined to be there for an entirely different reason and eat like a trooper – LA Style!


Famous for the rich and famous coming in for the famous chilli dog – famous, famous and more famous! Despite being home to a young Michael Jackson and a film set for Matt Le Blanc’s new sitcom, Pinks doesn’t really exude Hollywood – its a hot dog stand at the side of the road before you arrive at Madison Avenue. Not the hottest location but the queue shows passers by that this is not just any hotdog. Go and try the 15 different combinations for yourself – I dare you.


Mexicali Cocina on Venture Boulevard, Studio City

The perfect end to a great day being a tourist in Hollywood. Coming in through the back entrance of Mexicali Cocina on Ventura Boulevard was slightly abnormal to us English folk but the food and more importantly the free nachos were to die for. We ordered the fajitas for two with chicken and beef which comes with Mexican style rice, a side of guacamole, sour cream and salsa plus tortillas and you guessed it, more nachos!


Lard Lad Pink Donut at Universal Studios

I think we can all agree that donuts are famous in America for one good reason – they are huge!! For just $5 we got our hands on this Lard lad’s donut from the Simpsons Land in Universal Studios and it took us two days to finish! Feast your eyes!


Jerry’s Diner on Ventura Boulevard, Studio City.

If fried chicken is your thing – get to a Jerry’s. The portions are huge and the menu is extensive and the dress code is anything from cocktail dresses to tracksuits – anyone and everyone is welcome! 🙂



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