Birthday Treats at STK


Everyone wants to experience ‘the life’ at some point and Birthday treats are up there in making everyone experience something amazing for that one day. Obviously food, wine and rooftop bars are a direct link to my heart as my boyfriend has clearly picked up on.

So last Saturday was my chance to dress up and try and fit in with the beautiful human beings that practically live in restaurants like this. Despite the panicked dress change from my new stunning white dress with a nice fake tan stain that had appeared on it to the outfit above (all River island and Topshop as I am a major High Street fan) we finally made the train and was on our way.

First stop was the Punch and Judy Rooftop Pub in Covent Garden which was absolutely heaving due to an incredible charity concert that was being held for the victims of Grenfell Tower. The scene was incredible as thousands of Londoners and Tourists gathered to pay their respects, sitting in the courtyard of Covent Garden in the scorching sunshine.

Covent Garden

The Image above is my view from the balcony terrace of the Punch and Judy where I felt entirely blessed and grateful that I was still a part of life. We sat there and remembered the victims that had lost their homes, possessions and loved ones and was brought back to reality from our Saturday evening for just a little while. The spirit of London in that half an hour was incredible, with everyone taking just a moment to appreciate and remember the tragedy that had happened.

The only thing is, is that we are so quick to move on, because we simply have to be. It is easy to move on if you haven’t been affected by any loss or terror. After donating, engaging and listening to the charity concert, tourists carried on drinking their beers and wines and simply enjoyed the rest of their evening, appreciating what they still had.


We decided  to take the short walk from Covent Garden to STK at the Me Hotel on Strand(albeit me in my skinny heels, falling down every  cracked cobble of Covent Garden) and arrived for dinner at 7:45pm. If anyone is thinking of going, I think this was one of the best times to go. You’ve had enough drinks prior to be in a bubbly mood but not too drunk to not appreciate what shall be laid out in front of you. Aside from that the décor is absolutely stunning. The mood is set with low violet lighting that compliments the neon in the flower vases and the corridors of the rest of the restaurant. It’s dark but not too dark, with the balance just perfect so it’s romantic and sophisticated without not having a clue as to what you are eating. The music is loud which makes the atmosphere electric, adhering to the fact that everyone is having the best time that you could actually get up and dance (if you could actually move from fullness).

Don’t get me wrong, it is pricey for a weekly dinner but for an occasional treat, you can get the 3 course meal for £50 per person. This included complimentary bread to start along with this gorgeous starter pictured above which included 3 different meats. The lil Burger, Prosciutto Ham with Mozzarella and some sort of cold beef which was surprisingly tasty. The service is incredible and the waiters are so kind. They know you’re not posh enough to go there all the time so there is no snobby service where you’re stared at like you’re not even on this planet for asking for ketchup. They’re attentive and smiley and make you feel so special, it all ties in as one of the perfect Birthday celebrations.

Next up was Steak and a glazed rib which came confusingly with macaroni cheese, or you think it’s confusing until your heart melts at the one single taste as you begin to devour it. We actually ordered a side of chips as we thought the portions would be tiny but oh how wrong we were. They were huge and I was so disappointed in myself that I couldn’t finish, I was tempted to box it all up and eat it on the train. Because that would have been so classy!


As you can see from above it was so tasty that I actually forgot to take a photo before I had opened up every bit on the plate. All you have to do is look at the Macaroni Cheese for 2 seconds before you know that it will defeat you. But the worst thing is, just as your knife slides into the rib as it practically falls off the bone, you realise that you still have dessert to come (it’s part of the set menu after all, it would be rude to say no).

STK Cheese

As my boyfriend pointed out to me that the Mango Sorbet cuts through the sweetness of the Cheesecake (who he thinks he is I don’t know) it actually tastes divine. And the candle and birthday message really touched my heart as the staff at STK ask you what you are celebrating as you sit down for dinner. As I tried to take the chocolate STK label home, trying not to make it melt in my bag, I thought what an amazing experience I had had here in just a few hours. They really made me feel special and that is how anyone should feel when they are celebrating.

5 out of 5 for STK and their wonderful staff, wonderful food and a wonderful evening.






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