I’m Hannah and I am an aspiring writer but more realistically a student at De Montfort University. I love all things travel related, to try and escape the miserableness of rainy England, in a hope that someone will whisk me away to an island of tropical paradise. But the chances of that happening are rather slim, so I write about it – hey, we can always dream! Anything chocolate related is a definite must but lets be honest trying to burn that off in the gym is a nightmare, so I do my best to come up with healthy alternatives that will satisfy this immense craving and tell my house mates to taste my recipes instead of gorging on double chocolate chip cookies (£1 for 5 in Tesco might i add).

I stress like every other university student, about bills, assignments and the lack of alcohol I have had in two weeks (or how much I’ve consumed in 2 days – not good) but more than that I get rather worked up about the way I look and how others perceive me.

Yes, it is incredibly cliche, a 20 year old girl who worries about how she looks is far from outrageous. But after thinking and thinking and thinking again, I’ve realised that there are SO many more important things to worry about. Like how to fix the leak in 3 of our upstairs bedrooms and wondering if that’s why the water bill is so high or trying to work out how to fix the heating so we don’t all die of pneumonia.

My mum is a sufferer from diabetes, even though she is underweight and has never been overweight in her life. I think this is where my worrying about my health came from. I could be just like her if I didn’t look after myself. And that’s what all this keeping fit business is really on about – keeping healthy. Not aspiring to be the next Cara Delevigne but keeping alive and well so you can live a full life, to the best of your own ability.

And that’s what inspired me to blog, to help anyone who feels vulnerable, to be a friend to anyone who is alone and to inspire anyone who feels uninspired. To prove that we’re all normal and that’s natural 🙂

I created Natural Yourself because I honestly believe that everyone should be proud of themselves. Yes it is motivating to be able to change the way we look to make ourselves healthier and feel 100% better, but lately I’ve noticed a few people going too far. On my way to lectures one freezing cold December morning, I noticed a young girl. No more than 18, maybe 5 ft 10. She looked so sad, miserable as if she was hurting so far down that not anyone or anything in the world could fix it. Her face was washed out, a grey kind of colour and a distant look upon her face. And then i looked down… her legs. Forgive me for staring pretty lady but they were so tiny. At that moment I wanted to rush over and give her the most enormous hug, to tell her everything would be okay, but obviously I couldn’t.

My answer? A blog. A blog that maybe she will see, something that will encourage her to become healthy again and raise awareness to all sorts of different people. A place where anyone can come to for advice, support and conversation to escape for just a few hours.

So it’s here for you to indulge and become inspired. Ample amounts of mouth-wateringly tasty recipes that look unhealthy but are packed with nutrients to encourage anyone and everyone that we can eat bad food, still look amazing and be healthy all at the same time. Hundreds of fitness tips that you can do in moderation, so there is no need to miss out on meals to achieve your goal and lots of hopefully inspiring articles that may just be there for you whenever you need uplifting.

Hugs and Kisses



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